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whAt ElsE ArE you going to Do是什么意思

what else are you going to do 你还打算做什么 拼音双语对照 双语例句 1 The main thing is: to sit up straight, copy everyone else, gaily asking what to do if you are not sure, and keep the conversation going. 关键问题是:坐直身体...

what else do you have to do 你还需要做什么 What else do you have to do before you can go home? 在你能回家之前,你还需要做什么?

I Hate U I Love U歌词及翻译 Feeling used感觉被利用了 But I'm但我 Still missing you还是想着你 And I can't而我依然不能 See the end of ...

what else do you have? 你有什么? 双语对照 例句: 1. So what else do you have in here? 你这儿还有什么? ----------------------------------- 如有疑问欢迎追问! 满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

作定语,修饰what else,do you want可看作插入语

DO abbr. 1. =Defense Order 防御命令 do1 KK: [] DJ: [] vt. 1. 做,干,制作;实行;完成;解答,算出 My mother does the cooking. 我母亲做饭。 I have done a lot of work. 我做了许多工作。 2. 给予[O1] You really did me a favor. 你确实帮了...

固定的用法 where/what/who....else something/anything else

你在家里会做其它的什么事 希望采纳

我认为是宾语,做want 后面的宾语 或者理解为want to do是一个谓语部分,然后buy后面是宾语

Are there any other things ( that ) we can do to protect the animals?

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